Managing Your Health With HIV

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A few years ago, being diagnosed with HIV was similar to being sentenced to death. Times have changed and now people with this virus can live normal happy lives just like everyone else. In fact, an HIV-positive individual can have the same lifespan as someone without the condition. All this is possible, thanks to the following guidelines.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Depression and anxiety are known to trouble many people with HIV, and they can be very harmful. These conditions together with stress compromise your immune system and thus make you even sicker. This calls for HIV patients to have a plan that they turn to whenever their moods sour. Given that you are already working with a compromised immune system, anxiety can result in a lack of motivation and even lead to slacking on your meds. Therefore, know your stressors so that you can eliminate them before they get to you.

Be Positive

Sometimes when things go wrong, it is possible to get carried away. This is why having a positive attitude comes in. When living with HIV, staying positive is everything. It will help you through tough situations. Note that negativity makes life difficult and comes with many other health complications such as stroke, heart diseases and even physical injuries. Women who live positively even carry healthier pregnancies.

Take Care of Your Gut Health

The lymphoid system is full of T-cells but since HIV affects these cells, you are bound to have gastrointestinal problems from to time. Luckily, you can avoid these issues by nurturing your gut. A healthy GI system facilitates the absorption of the antiretroviral medication. Therefore, consider eating high fiber foods and probiotics for improved absorption and health of your lymphoid system.

Keep Active

Being HIV positive does not make you weak. In fact, it should motivate you to exercise even more. Exercises help with weight management while also fighting cardiovascular diseases. They also make you look fantastic. Aim to have about 30 minutes of exercise every day for your wellbeing. These do not have to be strenuous in nature. Consider walking, dancing and swimming as some of the best options available.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is bad for people without HIV and worse for those with the virus. Unfortunately, an estimated 60% of HIV patients smoke. If you want to live longer, do away with the puffs since they lead to mitochondrial infections. When these energy-producing organs are down, your body will not just be frail but also be susceptible to lung cancer and heart diseases that shorten your lifespan.

Get Your Vitamins In

It is advisable that you take general multivitamins to supplement your diet. These vitamins boost your immunity and also suppress the levels of the virus. Other supplements such as selenium are equally important. You should also get enough Vitamin D, calcium and iron. Before incorporating these supplements into your diet, talk to your doctor since some can have adverse reactions with your meds.

Living a healthy and comfortable life despite your HIV status is more than just possible. These and many other tips can help you learn to live with the virus and enjoy your life.

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